ILCUK Conference

ILCUK Conference 2016

The ILCUK owns its CONSTITUTION and CEC is consisting of its Executive Event Managers who has power to make decisions. Company Overview ILCUK is registered private Ltd company in England and Wales UK with Company Registration No. 09454999. We intend to arrange trainings, CPD Seminars and obtain a joint Indemnity Insurance reasonable offers for the member Law firms and Sole traders. We will open and expand the General Event Managership for the Legal Professionals and firms in the UK and all over the world. We will arrange and organise mini social events and meetings each month. The ILCUK will also organise three Small and one Mega events in each year. Furthermore, the ILCUK will offer to interpret and draft policies and rules for the departments of developing countries e.g. Pakistan. We are a club for legal personals to develop Professionalism, Socialisation, Expansion and Command.