Some glimpses of last night monthly meeting of International Lawyers Club UK at dinner hosted by Muhammad Ali of Briton Solicitors.

Under the leadership of the Chairman Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja a Delegation of ILCUK visited the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·) on an official invitation from the ECHR. The delegation discussed various legal issues related to Human Rights and procedures applied by the Court.

The oath taking ceremony of International Lawyers Club UK’s Chairman Mr Gulham Mustafa Khawaja and his Cabinet for the year 2022/23 was held in the Committee room, House of Commons, Westminster, London on 30th June 2022. The ceremony was chaired by The Right Honourable Mr Imran Hussain MP, among other distinguished guests were The Right Honourable Lord Wajid Khan,The Right Honourable Samuel Peter Tarry MP and the honourable members of the legal fraternity. Following the oath taking ceremony, the honorary shields and certificates were awarded to the distinguished guests and the CEC members of the ILCUK.

Oath Ceremony of International Lawyers Club Uk πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ taking by Barrister Imran Hussain Member of Parliament (MP)at House of Parliament West Minister London. This is a a milestone achievement of prestigious organization by the grace of Almighty Allah. The whole credit goes to Chairman of International Lawyers Club UK Mr Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja and his team members.Thank again all participants
By the Grace of Allah Almighty, Gulam Mustafa Khawaja (Chairman International Lawyers Club UK) and Imran Panaawala (Secretary General of International Lawyers Club UK) have been awarded with the Excellent Community Services Award by Dunya TV at Royal Nawab Restaurant on 27th June 2022.
Meeting of International Lawyers Club UK. It is a great news that Javaid Wattoo and Mushtaq Choudhary rejoined ILCUK. We warmly welcomed them. We also celebrated birthday of youngster brother Moeez.
ILCUK seminar in partnership with IBPC on Judicial Reforms and Lawyers Protection.
International Law Club (ILCUK) and International Business and Professional Corporation (IBPC) organized a seminar on legal reforms in Pakistan in which Zia Awan, former member of Pakistan Council, was the chief guest, while Deputy Attorney General Khalid Awan presided. of Chairman IBPC Rizwan Silharia, Chairman ILCUK Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja, Councilor Moazzam Sindhu, Shoaib Buthal, Aamir Khan, Hafiz Ghani and others spoke on this occasion. which was approved by the participants. At the end of the program, dinner was served by Imran Panawala, General Secretary, ILCUK.
On Special invitation of MP Barrister Imran Hussain visit Houses of Parliament with Chairman ILCUK Gulam Mustafa Khawaja toady. There were Detailed discussions with MP Imran Husain about International Lawyers Club UK affairs.Also had a very wonderful meeting with others MPs and lords in committee Room of parliament.
The Chairman of ILCUK Mr Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja and Secretary General Mr Imran Panawala visited the office of Mr Shafaqat Ali Sandhu to resolve the issue of his resignation and finally it was resolved and Mr Shafaqat Sandhu has agreed to start activities in ILCUK as a CEC member to promote the club. The meeting was also attended by Afzal Chaudhary and Hafiz Abdul Ghani. The Chairman and Secretary General, Hafiz Abdul Gani and Afzal Chaudhary thanks to Shafaqat Sandhu.
DUNYA News UK Forum with well known LawyersRizwan Sulehria (Former Chairman ILCUK) & Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja (Chairman ILCUK)!
International Lawyers Club UK Annual Iftar Dinner hosted by Barrister Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja Chairman ILCUK at his residence. The Members of Central Executive Committee of ILCUK and Barristers, Solicitors, Accountants, business professionals, representatives of PTI London and Pakistan Muslim League Noon attended the event.
As it was a Jummah tul Widha evening so Special prayers were made for stability of Pakistan.
Chairman International Lawyers Club UK Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja Advocate and Members CEC ILCUK,Moazzam Ali Sandhu, Advocate,Ch Rizwan Sulehria Advocate,Hafiz Abdul Ghani Advocate,Faisal Khwaja ,Afzaal Choudhry Advocate,Abdul Moeez Advocate, Shahzad Ahmed Advocate, Ch Khalid Anjum Advocate, Rao Manzoor Khan Advocate to come my residence to pay their condolences for my late Mother .
ILCUK members with Chairman Afzaal Choudhry visited to Muhammad Waqas in Slough for Fatha e Khuawani of his brother in Law (Nadeem Shazad). The delegation shared their deepest sympathy with brother Muhammad Waqas and prayed for the forgiveness of the deceased.
Delegation of International Lawyers Club UK has attended the event of Pakistan Defence Day under the leadership of Chairman Afzal Chaudhry and General Secretary Imran Panawala at Royal Nawab in London. This was a wonderful event to express solidarity with our Armed Forces. Large gathering of Pakistani community, political leaders, community leaders participated. Special thanks to Muhammad Waqas for his hospitality and respect.
The tournament was organized in a highly organized manner in which the Mayor of Waltham Forest and a large number of community leaders participated.A total of seven teams participated in the tournament and showed great performances. )’s team participated in the tournament for the first time and reached the semi-finals of the tournament by showing great performance.
Afzal Chaudhry, the organizer of the tournament and chairman of Search Peace Foundation, and community leaders appreciated the performance of ILCUK and paid tribute to the lawyers who took time out of their endless professional engagements to perform well.
ILC UK Chairman Mr. Afzal Chaudhry congratulated the team captain Daniyal Shakeel and the entire team for their excellent performance and reiterated the importance of the International Lawyers Club UK continuing its sports activities for the welfare of the community and lawyers. And will continue the welfare mission
The meeting with the Pakistan High Commissioner was so constructive. I raised the various issues of Pakistan Community to His Highness and discussed the possible solutions to bring the community closer to the High Commission.
Happy Birthday Pakistan
International Lawyers Club UK (ILCUK) celebrated 74th birthday of our homeland Pakistan in London UK. It was a very decent ceremony well organised and large numbers of Lawyers, media persons and community leader participated. Everyone pledged to wok together for the better image of Pakistan in the overseas. Chairman ILCUK Afzaal Choudhry thanked everyone for their attendance at the end.
International Lawyers Club UK continue to his traditions to celebrate the Pakistan Independence Day in the United Kingdom but in a different style. This year the Flag raising ceremony was held at the residence of Chairman Afzaal Chaudhry. This was a nice and composed ceremony keeping in view the COVID-19 situation.
Flag ceremony was done in decent way and Pakistan Birthday cake was also cut. Chairman Afzaal Chaudhry, General Secretary Imran Panawala, ex Chairmen and cabinet members pledge their love and affection with Pakistan and pray for safer Pakistan
A lavish dinner was also served by Chairman ILCUK.
International Lawyers Club UK held its 4th monthly CEC meeting and 1st face to face since April 2020 at local restaurant in London. The meeting was opened by General Secretary Imran Panaawala Solicitor and Chaired by Chairman. Afzaal Chaudhry.
The turn over was tremendous and discussion went around the past and future events. CEC congratulates the Chairamn, General Secretary and Event Manager Faisal Khawajha sb for organising sports (Cricket) events recently. Chairman congratulated the ILCUK team captain and all players for their wonderful performance.
Chairman also W coughed the ILCUK cricket 🏏 team to get full preparation for upcoming mega Cricket 🏏 event.
International Lwayers Club UK continue his traditions to organise social events. A Cricket 🏏 match event was organised by ILCUK with Accountants and IT Professionals at Hainault Recreation Groud today.
What a wonderful game of cricket 🏏 and what a wonderfully organised event. Congratulations πŸ₯³ to Chairman ILCUK Afzaal Chaudhry, General Secretary Imran Panawala and event Manager Khawajha Faisal sb for organising this brilliant event. Credit goes to all Participants from ILCUK and Accountants and IT Professionals for their enthusiastic performances to make this even an utmost success.
On the field full credit and praises for extraordinary performance of Ex-Chairman ILCK Khalid Anjum. He scored one fifty and one hundred πŸ’―in three matches and stood unbeaten in two innings to scored man of the tournament and best batsman award πŸ₯‡. His leading performance made it happens to win single handedly for ILCUK πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
First Cabinet meeting of International Lawyers Club UK (2020-21) was held at a local restaurant in London. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman ILCUK Afzaal Choudhary. The Gerenalist Secretary Imran Panwala opened the meeting with agenda. A detailed discussion was done on recently organised events of ILCUK and Cabinet members congratulated the Chairman and GS for engaging with community and especially organisation of Cricket 🏏 match.
Cabinet members discussed and approved the policies to take the club further in more organised and professional way.
All Cabinet members (Shahzad Ahmed – Snr Vice Chairman, Hafiz Abdul Ghani Choudhry – Vice Chairman, Faisal Khawajha – Vice Chairman, Daniyal Shakeel – Special Advisor to Chairman and Abdul Moaeez – Assistant Media Secretary) attributed full trust in the Chairman’s polices and ensured full cooperation to the Chairman in the implementation of his policies to take the club further.
I am blessed and honoured by the love and respect my colleagues and fellows invested me today by organising a surprise birthday πŸŽ‚ party.
I am really thankful specially to my brother and best buddy Shahzad Ahmed who took this initiative to managed this mini event.
At the end I am also equally to all my brothers who spared their precious time to attend this Birthday party in a working day. I am very lucky that I have brothers like you who really shared their utmost love for me.
I am blessed and honoured by the love and respect my colleagues and fellows invested me today by organising a surprise birthday πŸŽ‚ party.
I am really thankful specially to my brother and best buddy Shahzad Ahmed who took this initiative to managed this mini event.
At the end I am also equally to all my brothers who spared their precious time to attend this Birthday party in a working day. I am very lucky that I have brothers like you who really shared their utmost love for me.