who we are


Lawyers without Boundaries

Choudhary Rizwan Sulehria

Founder Chairman

Ghulam Mustafa Khawja


ILCUK will advance its Event Managers’ education and training in all matters relating to their practice and areas of law and offer personal and professional development opportunities that inspire and challenge its Event Managers to achieve excellence.

Our mission

We intend to arrange training, CPD Seminars and obtain joint Indemnity Insurance reasonable offers for member Law firms and Sole traders. We will open and expand the General Membership for the Legal Professionals and firms in the UK and all over the world. We will arrange and organise mini social events and meetings each month. The ILCUK will also organise three Small and one Mega event each year. Furthermore, the ILCUK will offer to interpret and draft policies and rules for the departments of developing countries e.g. Pakistan.

Our vision

ILCUK will create opportunities for fun, socialising, recreational activities for the Event Managers and their families. The club will organize every two weeks meeting along with a dinner, Lunch or breakfast hosted by a member of ILCUK. The meeting will not only bring a social touch but also provide an opportunity to make decisions on further plans.

Our story

Event Managership of the ILCUK shall be open to individuals who satisfy the criteria for Event Managership set out in the rules prepared by the executive committee and if they support the objects of the ILCUK and fall within one or more of the following categories.