ILCUK will advance its Event Managers' education and training in all matters relating to their practice and areas of law and to offer personal and professional development opportunities that inspire and challenge its Event Managers to achieve excellence.

ILCUK will invite professionals from the law background or any relevant to the Law Practice who will equip Event Managers with the required skills in the field. The ILCUK may have arranged CPD hour trainings for the Club during the year and will organize debates on current affairs or reported cases.

Exploring Skills

ILCUK will be a representative of lawyers practicing in the United Kingdom but not limited to:

  • Responding to government consultations on legislation and practice and to law reform bodies on various issues that will be respected as fresh, judicious and helpful;
  • To promote the proper administration of justice;
  • To contribute to public discussion on matters of relevance to its Event Managers;
  • Commenting, where appropriate in the media in relation to the International issues, crisis and legal affairs;
  • To promote the effective legal protection of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of lawyers around the globe;
  • To co-operate with other organisations whose objects are similar to the club;
  • To promote respect for the rule of law and encouraging pro bono service by all individuals and firms; and


ILCUK will create opportunities for fun, socialising, recreational activities for the Event Managers and their families.

The club will organize every two weeks meeting along with a dinner, Lunch or breakfast hosted by a member of ILCUK. The meeting will not only bring a social touch but also provide an opportunity to make decisions on further plans.

The ILCUK will organize games, festival events, tourism and musical nights for the club Event Managers during the year.

The club will arrange one Mega Event and at least three Micro Events in a year where a number of Legal Professionals will be invited to give their speeches on the chosen title for the year and will be awarded shields on their achievements. The club Event Managers and their families would have opportunity to meet and greet the honorable gusts having get together.

Increasing Event Managership

Event Managership of the ILCUK shall be open to individuals who satisfy the criteria for Event Managership set out in the rules prepared by the executive committee and if they support the objects of the ILCUK and fall within one or more of the following categories::

  • Event Managers of any bar/law society/faculty or body which enrol lawyers across the globe;
  • Persons who are or have been teachers of law;
  • Current or retired Event Managers of the United Kingdom judiciary or the judiciary of other Member States of the Executive Committee of Europe or the Commonwealth or anywhere in the globe.
  • Pupil barristers, trainee solicitors or students of law as honorary Event Managers;
  • Other professionals who are in practice or administration of the law who, in the opinion of the executive committee, would be likely to make a valuable contribution to the work of the ILCUK.

Any eligible lawyer/person who wishes to become a member of the ILCUK shall submit duly signed electronic or postal application, together with payment in the form and amount specified by the Executive Committee from time to time. The Secretary would be responsible for the Event Managerships and data record as per rules laid down by the executive committee.

The Secretary will publish list of all eligible Event Managers after confirmation of payment of Event Managership fee from the Treasurer annually before the election of the officer of the club.

The executive committee may on its discretion refuse to admit any applicant to Event Managership.

Event Managership shall be terminated if a member elects to cease to be a Member of the ILCUK by resigning or fails to pay his annual subscription without any valid reason or in arrears or if the member shall be expelled by a vote of two thirds of the Event Managers present and voting at a meeting of the executive committee called for that purpose.